Kindness: Changing People's
Lives for the Better

By Zelig Pliskin
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A Daily Dose of Kindness
By Shmuel Greenbaum





This is what people are saying about
A Daily Dose of Kindness:


"This lovely book will restore your faith in human nature, and remind us all – for we need reminding – that it is by our acts of [kindness] that we bring the Divine presence into the world.
-- Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

“ You have made a difference in my life by keeping the idea of kindness in my mind every day."
-- Tamar Yonah, Talk Show Host,
 Israel National Radio

“ Reading these kindness stories ... gives me more hope for mankind than anything else in my life."
-- Julia Bail, Staff Assistant, National Cancer Institute,
 Bethesda, MD

“I received this book as a gift, and now my whole family is fighting over who gets to read it next…”
--David Bobker, AVP,
Merrill Lynch


About the Book

A Daily Dose of Kindness is a diverse compilation of stories and practical lessons submitted from one hundred contributors.

Our first book, which focuses on Israel, encourages multi-cultural understanding. It was created by hundreds of volunteers and financial supporters from many different religions and nationalities, working together to bring new hope to Israel, the Middle East and the world.

Although A Daily Dose of Kindness was written for audiences of all ages, parents and grandparents report that young children love the book, since the stories are written in a short and easy-to-read manner.


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More comments about A Daily Dose of Kindness:

“This is an excellent book! My whole family is enjoying it immensely. I am reading the stories aloud to my children, and we feel uplifted at the inherent kindness and goodness pouring out from these true stories. We are definitely feeling inspired to add more kindness and consideration of others into our daily lives! We highly recommend this wonderful book.” --M. Benschar

“The author has compiled wonderful, inspiring stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary "kindness" for other people. Although the recommended "dose" is one story per day, I found it very hard not to keep reading story after story. Without doubt a most worthwhile read.” --C. Singer

“To call this book inspiring is not enough; it is so much more. It's incredible to read so many stories of kind deeds done by people, all different, in such a variety of situations and in response to a large variety of needs. Not only does it inspire the reader with hope for humanity, but it triggers ideas for ways in which the reader can participate in the good deed paradigm. Many times I was moved to do a kindness because of the inspiration of one of Mr. Greenbaum's stories. Because so many spiritual traditions teach that doing good deeds elevates the world, this book is desperately needed by everyone. In a world that needs repair, a little elevation could go a long way!” --A. Sherman, Tucson, AZ

More Details:

A DAILY DOSE OF KINDNESS, Stories from the Heart,
A Response to Terror, Book One: In Love with Israel
By Shmuel Greenbaum (Author, Editor)
Published by Partners in Kindness
Hardcover: 288 pages
ISBN: 978-0578002033
Retail Price $24.99